• "VCT helped by allowing me to graduate on time and complete my Associates in Teaching. I was also able to work by taking this class."
  • "It allowed me to take an additional course that I would otherwise not have had time to physically attend."
  • "VCT allowed me to pursue my goal of an associates degree, without having to find a babysitter to attend class."
  • "These courses were not provided online through my college, and because of my full time job, I need online courses."
  • "VCT has helped me develop a new way to study online and have a more responsible way to continue my career."
  • "This method of education has been more convenient for me because I am still in high school. This class has been my favorite out of any I have taken, and I feel that it has prepared me more for life than others."
  • "I am currently applying for graduation and these classes are my last step."
  • "VCT allowed me to complete a class online not offered by my campus via distance learning."
  • "The VCT course was excellent. The instructor was more than helpful, and being able to attend the course through another college was a valuable option."
  • "I am able to take classes not offered at my school."
  • "It has helped me to accomplish the required credits toward my Associates in teaching."
  • "Having to work full time and attempting to get my B.A.A.S., VCT made my dream possible."
  • "I was able to get a biology credit toward my nursing degree."
  • "I am a full time nurse who works nights. This best fits my schedule."
  • "Due to work conflicts I would not have even been able to complete this particular degree requirement in a traditional classroom setting."
  • "VCT has allowed me to take the classes in the comfort of my home, and I am able to spend more time with my family."
  • "My health would not have allowed me to finish the last of my classes without doing them from home."
  • "It has allowed me to continue my French education, which is very important to me."
  • "VCT allowed me to continue working full time and go to school at the same time."
  • "VCT offers convenience and flexibility while still obtaining the required course learning towards my degree plan."
  • "VCT helped me get a head start on college."
  • "I am looking to transfer to a four year college and there have been some classes that I need to take that the college that I attend does not offer. VCT has made these classes available to me."
  • "VCT has helped me become more responsible and independent. Usually when classes are taken on campus, the professors are the motivators. When taking an online course, motivation cannot come from anybody else but yourself."
  • "VCT allows me to take courses needed for a degree my community college does not offer or does not have enough students to fill the course."
  • "VCT made it possible to schedule another class that would be flexible with my schedule. It has been a great educational experience."

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