• "This method of education has been more convenient for me because I am still in high school. This class has been my favorite out of any I have taken, and I feel that it has prepared me more for life than others."
  • "VCT allowed me to complete this course so I can graduate next year. Without VCT I would not have been able to get this class."
  • "It was a great learning experience, and I am very appreciative of what I have learned through this course."
  • "I was able to take a prerequisite class I needed in order to fulfill my degree requirements and not have to drive back and forth to school, saving my family time and money."
  • "This class is essential to my progress in achieving a Bachelor's degree in Communications. The community college I am currently enrolled in does not offer classes in this field."
  • "This class was not being offered at a convenient time for me and this gave me the opportunity to complete it."
  • "It has allowed me to continue my French education, which is very important to me."
  • "Helps me finish things before I graduate high school, so I am ahead of the game."
  • "I have been able to finish my foreign language credits in a short period of time."
  • "Due to my schedule as a full-time firefighter any kind of traditinoal educational schedule would be next to impossible for me, but thanks to VCT, I'm able to finish my degree!"
  • "VCT has helped me get a feel of what basic college algebra is like, while still in high school. This will allow me to be ahead in the future when I do actually attend college."
  • "It has allowed me to continue my education. Without VCT I would not be able to attend college."
  • "It helped me get credits I need and work toward my degree while I'm still working. I need a flexible schedule."
  • "This particular class has been amazing and has helped me decide in which subject I want to teach."
  • "VCT helped me get a head start on college."
  • "VCT is an excellent tool that makes getting college work done quicker and more efficiently."
  • "VCT has really helped me be able to go to school full time. Before, I was only taking one to two classes because I just couldn't manage going to school and working full time."
  • "I am able to complete my prerequisites for my BSN from the comfort of my home, and it fits really well with my work schedule."
  • "I am looking to transfer to a four year college and there have been some classes that I need to take that the college that I attend does not offer. VCT has made these classes available to me."
  • "The VCT course was excellent. The instructor was more than helpful, and being able to attend the course through another college was a valuable option."
  • "My instructor was absolutely great. He gave us the most precise study tips and responded extremely promptly to e-mails. He also encouraged us and notified us of changes that would take place at the earliest possible opportunity."
  • "I was able to get a biology credit toward my nursing degree."
  • "My health would not have allowed me to finish the last of my classes without doing them from home."
  • "I have become more focused and disciplined."
  • "VCT helped by allowing me to graduate on time and complete my Associates in Teaching. I was also able to work by taking this class."

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