Courses Available through VCT


Courses are available to you at your home (local) community or technical college if:

  1. Your local college participates in VCT.
  2. The desired course(s) are listed in the VCT Course Schedule for the semester in which you need the course.
  3. Your college approves the course.

Why must your college approve courses?

Approval of each individual course that a college receives (or hosts) through VCT must be approved by the appropriate college department.  It is a requirement of Texas colleges' accreditation body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACS).
If your local college participates in VCT but does not allow you to enroll in a requested course, it is probably because the course was found not to align with the college's same course in a significant way.  Please remember that in making judgments about courses to make available to you, community colleges are complying with specific SACS requirements, which cannot be ignored.

Students served by VCT since 1998

VCT started serving students in 1998.  Semester totals of individual students served since then  exceed 47,000 individual students. And those students have enrolled in approximately 66,000 courses.

Student satisfaction with VCT courses

As reported by individual VCT member colleges, students completing end-of-course evaluations rate VCT courses about the same as the courses originated at the local, home college—or slightly higher.

Courses available through VCT extend these benefits:

  • With access to VCT's statewide schedule of online courses, you are less likely to miss out on a critical course at the point you need it. Many students have been able to graduate on schedule because of VCT.

  • You register locally for the course no matter which college offers it.

  • You pay in-district tuition irrespective of the college delivering a course, providing you reside in the local college's district.

  • Your local college supports you with the same quality, locally-delivered student services received by all other students at the college.

  • Your local college maintains a single transcript for all your course work, irrespective of which colleges provide the courses you take through VCT. You will not have to deal with multiple transcripts at multiple colleges if you transfer your courses to another college or to a university.

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