VCT Services


Inter-institutional Sharing of Courses

VCT was charged at inception to facilitate sharing of individual distance learning courses among Texas two-year community colleges. Since becoming operational in the Fall Semester 1998, community colleges' collaborative sharing of courses through VCT has resulted in approximately—

  • 69,520 discrete course enrollments, and

  • 50,629 individual students served in individual semesters (Fall 1998 - Summer 2017).

The inter-institutional sharing indicated takes place under the terms of VCT's Host-Provider Model (PDF) developed by the Texas Association of Community Colleges (opens new window).

Texas Quality Matters (TxQMC)

In the Fall of 2014, the Virtual College of Texas formed a statewide Quality Matters consortium open to all Texas Community Colleges. Quality Matters provides research-based tools for implementation of quality in course design, helping to facilitate the success of our online learners.

    Benefits of Texas QM Consortium Membership include:

  • Reduced individual institutional dues
  • Quality Matters services and materials at discounted prices
  • Access to the automated, web-based tool
  • Free Institution Representative Training
  • National and regional conferences

Accessibility Iniatives

The Virtual College of Texas is providing funds for limited captioning services to each of our member colleges, as well as piloting video capture platforms and online tutoring/student services.